Google Glass Videos Coming Soon to Your Personal Health Record

One of the near-term technologies soon be seen in the doctor’s office is Google Glass, being tested now by the medical community among its earlier adopters. Its present retail cost will make adoption by consumers difficult at present, but as more tech-savvy users experiment and discover applications for Google Glass, its professional and consumer acceptance will grow as the retail price comes down.

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Analytics Matter for Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

Big Data fuels analytics being adopted by Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and some hospitals. While still in its early stages, analytics are changing the workflow: how the care delivery team within a system interacts with and interprets data at every point of patient care, from admission, tests, procedures, discharge, on to, perhaps, rehab and long-term care. Expectations are for a generation of new analytic tools leading to better outcomes, at lower cost—the rallying cry of payers these days.

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Observations in Eye Care: Thriving in the Age of Stimulus

Five years into the Federal Stimulus that encouraged adoption of electronic health records by physicians and health professionals, the technology has come into its own. HTL covered the EHR in early 2010, in Reform Under the Radar, with Glenn Laffel, MD, #7 in our all-time podcast rankings, with more than 3700 downloads through 2013.

Steve Baker is in demand at Eye Care conferences for professionals.

Steve Baker is in demand at Eye Care conferences for professionals.

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Identity as a Service (IaaS) and the Federal Healthcare Exchange

Jon Freeman, the CEO of Mycroft, Inc., has been writing code and programming, as he puts it, starting a million years ago. Shortly after graduating from Columbia University, he founded Mycroft in 1988, which today works with Fortune 500 healthcare businesses, banks, insurers, and others.

Photo, Jonathan Freeman, CEO, Mycroft, Inc.

Jon Freeman explains Identity as a Service (IaaS) and its role on the Health Exchanges.

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Healthcare Fraud: One Application of Big Data Now

Photo, Harry Jordan

Harry Jordan of LexisNexis takes listeners into how Big Data is being used to detect healthcare fraud.

The Health division of LexisNexis, a Reed Elsevier company, is using data to detect provider fraud that ends up inflating health costs for each and every one of us, when payers, that is, insurers, employers, and government pay fraudulent claims.

In the podcast interview, Harry estimates that fraud, as distinguished from waste and abuse, eats up 10% of U.S. dollars spent on health care: about $350 billion.

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Easy, Affordable Access to Online Care for Consumers

Telehealth for All is an idea whose time has come, realized in WellPoint’s February 2013 launch of LiveHealth Online. It’s how we, as consumers and patients, can get primary care now from a licensed, board-certified physician for many medical non-emergencies.

In part, this innovation is an answer to the shortage of 63,000 primary care physicians who will be needed in 2015. That number, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, is expected to double by 2025.

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Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare

Photo, Laura Wenger, Executve Director of Practice Greenhealth

Laura Wenger, R.N., as executive director, leverages her experience in nursing, consulting and professional education to address the needs of Practice Greenhealth members and staff. She fosters working partnerships among board, staff and the healthcare community.

Practice Greenhealth’s mission promotes industry, consumer, and patient awareness that healthcare significantly affects energy usage, air and water quality, transportation, food and waste disposal—actually, the elements and by-products of living.

Keep in mind that healthcare—

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EHR Implementation: Why Aren’t We Paperless Yet?

Deborah Green, Executive Vice President and COO, AHIMA

Deborah Green has extensive leadership experience in health information management and technology.

Deborah Green, executive vice president and chief operating officer for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) paints a picture of how far patient and public health record keeping has come since the mid-1960s and 1970s. Mandated by the Institutes of Medicine in 1991, and supposedly implemented by 2001, reinforced by president George W. Bush in 2004, where are paperless records today? When will a paperless state become closer … Continue Reading

An Organization’s True North and Getting It Right

Joe Bohling, a principal at Berkeley Research Group, from BRG’s Dallas, TX office,  compares what can go right and what can go wrong in a organization’s culture when living out its day-to-day mission, vision, and values.

Joe Bohling, Principal, Berkeley Research Group, Dallas, TX office

Joe Bohling coaches, advises, and at times, directs organizational change at health businesses.

We revisit the 2001 collapse of Enron as a prime example of what can go wrong. Joe contrasts that with Concentra, an Urgent Care business that owns and operates 330 facilities … Continue Reading

Improving Physicians’ Bedside Manner…with Horses?

Christianna Capra

Christianna Capra, CEO, Spring Reins of Hope

Christianna Capra is sharing her completed video, alluded to in the June 2012 post and podcast: They Use Horses to Train Doctors, Don’t They?

Horses for Healers is being offered for the second time as an elective in Spring 2013 through the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) at … Continue Reading

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