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The Group Employed Model as a Foundation for Health Care Delivery Reform

Abstract from the Issue Brief published by The Commonwealth Fund, April 2010

With a focus on delivering low-cost, high-quality care, several organizations using the group employed model (GEM)—with physician groups whose primary and specialty care physicians are salaried or under contract—have been recognized for creating a culture of patient-centeredness and accountability, even in a toxic fee-for-service environment. The elements that leaders of such organizations identify as key to their success are physician leadership that promotes trust in the organization, integration that promotes teamwork and coordination, governance and … Continue Reading

Affording the Future Mix of Medication Therapies

With some biologic medications costing $100,000 or more annually, to treat a patient with a serious chronic illness, how will payers and patients afford the accelerating shift towards biologics?

Rising Expenditures for Biologic Medications

Dramatic increases ahead for spending on biologics.

Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD, noted consultant, author, and executive director of the Biologic Finance & Access Council Program at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Population Health discusses how payers’ benefit design strategies may help more patients afford costly biologics and specialty medication therapies for chronic … Continue Reading