A Diagnostic Tool for All Reasons

Jason and Isabel Maude

Jason Maude and his daughter Isabel

Jason Maude, founder and CEO of Isabel Healthcare, has made it his mission to provide a point-of-care, Web-based diagnostic tool that should be on the handheld device or desktop of every physician and clinician.

The Isabel tool complements a physician’s education and experience by helping him or her make more a fully-informed evaluation of a patient’s symptoms before starting treatment. Use of the Isabel tool saves valuable time and medical resources when the diagnosis is correct from the start.

As Jason can attest from his personal experience, a wrong diagnosis can lead to catastrophic results: witness the case of his own three-year-old daughter, who nearly died from a wrong diagnosis in 1999. Then, there is the recent case of Amy Copeland, who went to a local Emergency room with a cut knee, treated with pain medication and antibiotics, who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria which did not emanate from the cut, but from an immunological deficiency in her system. As the result of lost time and a missed diagnosis of her underlying condition, her infected leg and fingers were amputated.

Because of his own daughter’s close call with death in 1999, Jason, who worked in finance at the time, founded Isabel Healthcare with venture capital. This is an example of a disruptive technology that has turned medical knowledge on its head, making doctors smarter through their systematic use of a point-of-care diagnostic tool that reminds and prompts physicians of diagnoses they should consider before beginning treatment. The Isabel tool is a solution now and for the future that will be integrated into more electronic health records and become a standard teaching tool in medical education.

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  1. Adrienne Browne said:

    Sep 19, 12 at 3:27 pm

    This is a great story. T-System partners with Isabel Healthcare because it is one of the most useful clinical decision support tools available for emergency care providers. Thanks for sharing this podcast.

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