Physicians’ Aggregated Data Gives a More Complete Picture

Photo, Keith Brown, WhiteCloud Analytics

Keith Brown leverages his software development background to help physicians make informed clinical decisions when they practice medicine.

It’s now possible to aggregate data from individual physicians, EMRs/EHRs, claims, and third-party sources, including proprietary and government databases. With a few clicks, it’s fast and easy for a provider, in any setting, to access and evaluate his or her professional performance. Aggregated data can be compared with peers, encouraging collaboration among physicians in a practice or hospital.

WhiteCloud Analytics automates the analysis of role-based information to quickly answer value-based care questions. From the perspective of a group practice, Accountable Care Organization (ACO), hospital or health system, such applications serve as tools that help management and administration continuously improve quality, outcomes, safety, and physician efficiency.

In the podcast, a case study discusses how a physician took actions that may have saved a patient’s life—once his data and the data from peer physicians was aggregated and made visible to him. Often, the on-demand display of a physician’s own data, when visually compared with the data of others, engages a physician to take corrective action that adds up to big improvements in the quality of care over time.

Diagram of Sources of Aggregated Data

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Some Questions in the Podcast

1) What makes this the right time for the collection of data to be put to purposeful use?

2) How can a physician or health care professional do a better job for a patient using aggregated data and the analysis of that data?

3) How does using aggregated data impact the larger unit of a health organization: a group practice, such as an Accountable Care Organization or hospital?

4) How do physicians react when they see his or her data compared with peer physicians?

5) What is it about physician culture that makes it so challenging for management to change the way physicians practice medicine?


Keith Brown is senior director of Business Development and Marketing for White Cloud Analytics, Boise, Idaho. Keith has extensive marketing and business development experience at both software start ups and larger companies, which includes Hewlett-Packard. While at HP he developed a system to automate electronic records documentation.

Podcast (17 Minutes) A More Complete Picture with Physicians’ Aggregated Data

A More Complete Picture with Physicians’ Aggregated Data


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