Analytics Matter for Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

Big Data fuels analytics being adopted by Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and some hospitals. While still in its early stages, analytics are changing the workflow: how the care delivery team within a system interacts with and interprets data at every point of patient care, from admission, tests, procedures, discharge, on to, perhaps, rehab and long-term care. Expectations are for a generation of new analytic tools leading to better outcomes, at lower cost—the rallying cry of payers these days.

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John Stanley in a principal at Impact Advisors.

The ultimate goal is improving and intensifying care management, by giving the gatekeepers who manage access to care a more complete picture of a patient’s health and history at their fingertips. They may also be understanding that patient’s health within a wider community or population context.

Today’s informed health decision makers are applying data, health registries, population studies, patient satisfaction surveys, evidence-based guidelines and best practices across the continuity of care.

Increasing adoption of the electronic health record is largely responsible for getting the ball rolling. Health executives and professionals are coming to appreciate the value of data collected by their and others’ EHRs. John believes that more hospitals and health systems are placing their bets on health information exchange to access data across network boundaries.

John Stanley, MBA, a principal in the Seattle office of Chicago-based Impact Advisors, LLC. describes the adoption of analytic tools, where they fit into the workflow at junctures in the points of patient care, and how their use will minimize human errors and omissions that compromise care, especially as more new non-clinical workers come aboard to use these tools and move patients through the system.

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Analytics Matter for Better Outcomes


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