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Physicians’ Aggregated Data Gives a More Complete Picture

Photo, Keith Brown, WhiteCloud Analytics

Keith Brown leverages his software development background to help physicians make informed clinical decisions when they practice medicine.

It’s now possible to aggregate data from individual physicians, EMRs/EHRs, claims, and third-party sources, including proprietary and government databases. With a few clicks, it’s fast and easy for a provider, in any setting, to access and evaluate his or her professional performance. Aggregated data can be compared with peers, encouraging collaboration among physicians in a practice or hospital.

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The Importance of Training in Enterprise EHR Adoption

Physician training plays a key role in enterprise EHR adoption, making it a tool to capture patient data in a hospital or health system. If EHR patient data is to be de-identified and repurposed for population and public health studies, then its capture has to be consistent, accurate, and complete.

Photo of Heather Haugen, PhD, CEO and Managing Director, The Breakaway Group, Greenwood Village, CO

Dr. Heather Haugen serves on the faculty at the University of Colorado in Health Information Technology, where she mentors doctoral students.

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Transitioning from Paper with Electronic Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management systems, ECM, is an established technology that bridges the transition from paper records to  electronic forms. Perhaps due to unawareness of ECM technology, patient information continues to be scattered across paper records, electronic files, multiple applications, and disparate systems. Most EHRs cannot integrate this information to complete a patient’s medical history.

Sean Morris designs ECM systems that meet the unique needs of healthcare end-users, from solo physicians to multi-location health facilities. Sean Morris designs ECM systems that meet the unique needs of healthcare end-users, from solo physicians … Continue Reading

Analytics Matter for Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

Big Data fuels analytics being adopted by Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and some hospitals. While still in its early stages, analytics are changing the workflow: how the care delivery team within a system interacts with and interprets data at every point of patient care, from admission, tests, procedures, discharge, on to, perhaps, rehab and long-term care. Expectations are for a generation of new analytic tools leading to better outcomes, at lower cost—the rallying cry of payers these days.

Photo, John Stanley

John Stanley in a principal at Impact Advisors.

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An Organization’s True North and Getting It Right

Joe Bohling, a principal at Berkeley Research Group, from BRG’s Dallas, TX office,  compares what can go right and what can go wrong in a organization’s culture when living out its day-to-day mission, vision, and values.

Joe Bohling, Principal, Berkeley Research Group, Dallas, TX office

Joe Bohling coaches, advises, and at times, directs organizational change at health businesses.

We revisit the 2001 collapse of Enron as a prime example of what can go wrong. Joe contrasts that with Concentra, an Urgent Care business that owns and operates 330 facilities … Continue Reading

Humana: A Business Always in Transition

Humana, based in Louisville, KY, is a Fortune 100 company in the process of transforming itself from a health insurance company to a business model that focuses on health, wellness, and well-being. To that end, Paul Gerrard, director of Corporate Affairs and chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility Council at Humana leads enterprise-wide task forces on behalf of strategic initiatives of the CEO and other Humana officers which require change management, innovative solutions or organizational development.

Humana volunteers assemble to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary.

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Mobile Health Communications Unleashed

With widespread adoption of handheld devices, such as the iPad®, iPhone® and Smartphones by consumers and physicians, Rob Dhoble closes the gap between information technology and achieving engagement between health professionals and patients to deliver measurable, improved outcomes. Rob is president of Omnicom’s Diversified Agency Services Health group.

Rob logs on to view his invention on a laptop, but he can also use a Smartphone or other handheld device with Internet access.

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Practicing Customer Centricity

While it’s been around awhile, Customer Centricity remains by and large a theory, certainly for established businesses that would have to turn themselves and their cultures inside out to achieve it.

Becky Chidester is president of Wunderman World Health

Becky Chidester explains the importance of health businesses becoming more customer-centric.

As a thought leader in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), Becky Chidester, president of Wunderman World Health is uniquely qualified to speak about the practice, not just the theory behind Customer Centricity.

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Design Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

“We have a pledge to our clients: Thought Leadership, Creative Design Solutions and Painfree Project Management. It’s indoctrinated in to all our people. These are three simple sound bites our employees can relate to and remember. That’s what we’re promising to our clients. If we fail to do that, then we’re not going to bring about that customer experience that we want for our client.”

Phil Murphy, President, GNU Group, Lafayette, CA

Phil Murphy talks design and Wayfinding in health facilities.

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