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Taking the Pain Out of ICD-10 Through Electronic Charge Capture

ICD-9 coding from the late 1970s is getting a drastic facelift with the inevitability of ICD-10.

In the podcast, Dr. Ryan Secan, chief medical officer at MedAptus, a Boston, MA-based software developer offering Electronic Charge Capture, describes the expanded ICD-10 code set and how practices and hospitals can comfortably overcome the challenges that come with adoption.

Photo, Ryan Secan, MD, MPH

Dr. Ryan Secan practices Internal Medicine as a hospitalist at Emerson Hospital, in Concord, MA.

ICD-10 represents enhanced coding and billing for physicians and clinicians … Continue Reading

Observations in Eye Care: Thriving in the Age of Stimulus

Five years into the Federal Stimulus that encouraged adoption of electronic health records by physicians and health professionals, the technology has come into its own. HTL covered the EHR in early 2010, in Reform Under the Radar, with Glenn Laffel, MD, #7 in our all-time podcast rankings, with more than 3700 downloads through 2013.

Now we look at an EHR for Eye Care practitioners, optometrists and opticians, with Eyefinity president, Steve Baker. The software developer, a VSP Global company, is located in Rancho Cordova, CA. The Eyefinity EHR, although specialized, ranks 13th … Continue Reading

Identity as a Service (IaaS) and the Federal Healthcare Exchange

Jon Freeman, the CEO of Mycroft, Inc., has been writing code and programming, as he puts it, starting a million years ago. Shortly after graduating from Columbia University, he founded Mycroft in 1988, which today works with Fortune 500 healthcare businesses, banks, insurers, and others.

Photo, Jonathan Freeman, CEO, Mycroft, Inc.

Jon Freeman

Through its XSpectra application, Mycroft makes Identity as a Service possible for its customers: businesses that process a high volume of confidential transactions. Identity as a Service is used to establish trust between the individual using the service … Continue Reading

Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare

Photo, Laura Wenger, Executve Director of Practice Greenhealth

Laura Wenger, R.N., as executive director, leverages her experience in nursing, consulting and professional education to address the needs of Practice Greenhealth members and staff. She fosters working partnerships among board, staff and the healthcare community.

Practice Greenhealth’s mission promotes industry, consumer, and patient awareness that healthcare significantly affects energy usage, air and water quality, transportation, food and waste disposal—actually, the elements and by-products of living.

Keep in mind that healthcare—

• Represents the second largest user of energy of … Continue Reading

Partnering with Clients to Do More with Less

Photo, Jay Deady, President and CEO, Awarepoint, Inc.

Jay Deady

Jay Deady, President and CEO of San Diego-based Awarepoint, Inc., leverages his 22-year career that spans senior leadership positions at Eclipsys, which now is part of Allscripts, McKesson, and Cerner. Awarepoint’s employees and the employees of its hospital clients work together to achieve accountability and return on investment for their efforts using a Real-Time Locating System.

Picture all the second-by-second movement of equipment, physicians, health professionals, attendants, and patients in a busy … Continue Reading

Thought Leader Publishes New Book

Randy Vogenberg, featured in the April 2010 post and podcast, has published Pharmacy Benefits: Plan Design and Management, an essential guide for benefits professionals and trustees responsible for a prescription pharmacy or medical benefits program. The guide addresses benefit plan design, the selection of a pharmacy benefits manager and pharmacy network, compliance, specialty pharmacy, cost-savings strategies and more.

Rethinking the Gene Patent Article

One of the most popular podcasts in the Health Thought Leadership series, here is the link to Alan Morrison’s article as a PDF, Rethinking the Gene Patent, published in the Biotechnology Law Report. The article accompanies the November 2010 post and podcast on the Myriad decision rendered by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Read why Alan reasons that “the court did not properly apply existing law. Instead it relied on what appears to be a new and problematic doctrine excluding isolated DNA from the realm of … Continue Reading

Rethinking the Gene Patent

In March 2010, Pandora’s box was opened when a federal District Court judge invalidated patent claims of Myriad Genetics, Inc., directed to two isolated human genes associated with breast cancer. These genes are used in genetic tests that Myriad has on the market for breast cancer. The tests cost over $3000 each. Their cost is not universally reimbursed. Therefore, the tests are not accessible to many women as a diagnostic tool. Without a license, other companies cannot develop an alternative, competitive test to provide a second opinion.

The controversy brings to a head many legal, ethical, and policy issues, … Continue Reading

Predictive Medicine: Coming Soon to a Doctor Near You

Brandon Colby, MD, CEO, Existence Genetics

Dr. Brandon Colby has transitioned to CEO of Existence Genetics, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Brandon Colby, MD, is a world leader in the field of Predictive Medicine, a new and groundbreaking medical specialty that combines genetic testing with personalized prevention based upon your genetic makeup.

In 2010, he published his book, Outsmart Your Genes, as one way to popularize Predictive Medicine among physicians, patients, and consumers. The book grows out of Dr. Colby’s passion for advancing Predictive Medicine, since he knows … Continue Reading

Making the Connection Between Thought Leadership and Policy

Maya Rockeymoore, PhD

Maya Rockeymoore, PhD

Thought leadership not only plays a role in business. It’s a key part of policy strategy and tactics that can inspire the public and policy makers to action, fulfilling a vision, in this case, of obesity prevention and wellness.

Maya Rockeymoore, PhD, president and CEO of Global Policy Solutions, based in Washington, DC, shares insights on how ideas, information, and strategy—the thought leadership of advocates and early adopters—is contributing to an important public health initiative to prevent obesity and its related chronic … Continue Reading

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