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Google Glass Videos Coming Soon to Your Personal Health Record

One of the near-term technologies soon be seen in the doctor’s office is Google Glass, being tested now by the medical community among its earlier adopters. Its present retail cost will make adoption by consumers difficult at present, but as more tech-savvy users experiment and discover applications for Google Glass, its professional and consumer acceptance will grow as the retail price comes down.

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An Organization’s True North and Getting It Right

Joe Bohling, a principal at Berkeley Research Group, from BRG’s Dallas, TX office,  compares what can go right and what can go wrong in a organization’s culture when living out its day-to-day mission, vision, and values.

Joe Bohling, Principal, Berkeley Research Group, Dallas, TX office

Joe Bohling coaches, advises, and at times, directs organizational change at health businesses.

We revisit the 2001 collapse of Enron as a prime example of what can go wrong. Joe contrasts that with Concentra, an Urgent Care business that owns and operates 330 facilities … Continue Reading

Improving Physicians’ Bedside Manner…with Horses?

Christianna Capra

Christianna Capra, CEO, Spring Reins of Hope

Christianna Capra is sharing her completed video, alluded to in the June 2012 post and podcast: They Use Horses to Train Doctors, Don’t They?

Horses for Healers is being offered for the second time as an elective in Spring 2013 through the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) at … Continue Reading

Health 2.0 An Accidental Business on the Fast Track

Indu Subaiya, CEO, Health 2.0

Indu Subaiya takes center stage at 2012 Health 2.0 in Boston, MA.

Indu Subaiya, CEO and co-founder with Matthew Holt of Health 2.0 LLC, leads a health innovation events business that has grown into a movement. Health 2.0 was founded in 2007, by accident, with 40+ chapters worldwide, with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with virtual teams working in Portland, OR, Boston, MA, and Paris, France.

The business has, and continues to bring together Indu’s passion … Continue Reading

They Use Horses to Train Doctors, Don’t They?

Christianna Capra

Christianna gets a nuzzle from one of SROH’s special horses that exhibits extraordinary powers at reading nonverbal communication cues from students and patients.

Christianna Capra is the founder and CEO of Spring Reins of Hope (SROH), that offers Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and training, with their farm base in Pittstown, NJ. SROH’s specialized workshop, The Horse Medicine Wheel, features the intuitive and … Continue Reading

Partnering with Clients to Do More with Less

Photo, Jay Deady, President and CEO, Awarepoint, Inc.

Jay Deady

Jay Deady, President and CEO of San Diego-based Awarepoint, Inc., leverages his 22-year career that spans senior leadership positions at Eclipsys, which now is part of Allscripts, McKesson, and Cerner. Awarepoint’s employees and the employees of its hospital clients work together to achieve accountability and return on investment for their efforts using a Real-Time Locating System.

Picture all the second-by-second movement of equipment, physicians, health professionals, attendants, and patients in a busy … Continue Reading

Hospital Emergency Departments in Crisis

Dr. Robert Hitchcock conducts a training session with ED staff.
From the front lines, as well as behind-the-scenes, Robert Hitchcock, MD, FACEP, an Emergency Medicine physician at Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Bradenton, FL,  manages complex Emergency Department operations.

In his role as chief medical informatics officer for T-System, Inc. he guides strategies for addressing the critical issues that arise in hospital Emergency Departments. T-System, based in Dallas, TX, develops Emergency Department solutions by turning data into … Continue Reading

Dr. Cindy Haines: How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System

Photo, Dr. Cindy Haines

Dr. Cindy Haines gives consumers and patients practical advice on navigating the precarious waters of the U.S. healthcare system.

Cindy Haines, MD, is a family physician who serves on the faculty of St. Louis University School of Medicine, medical journalist, and chief medical officer of HealthDay, an award-winning consumer and professional news service.

This podcast takes its title, How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System, from the recently published book authored … Continue Reading

Relentless Communication in Organizational Change

Wayne Sensor, formerly CEO of Alegent Health, that serves the region around Omaha, Nebraska, shares lessons learned when instituting organizational change. The scale of change we discuss in the podcast is transforming a fee-for-service health system to an employed-physician model. I can think of few greater challenges a health system CEO and his leadership team will face.

Photo, Wayne Sensor

Wayne Sensor, formerly CEO of Alegent Health

Wayne presided over a health system cited by The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement as the #1 health system in the United … Continue Reading

Communicating Breakthrough Science to Consumers

Benita Shobe

The National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, that recently adopted the business name NARSAD, as The World’s Leading Charity Dedicated to Mental Health Research,” has organized the Healthy Minds Across America national campaign to reinforce May as Mental Health Awareness month. Healthy Minds brings the latest scientific developments to the attention of consumers, patients, families, and physicians in a series of publicly accessible forums, in partnership with than 40 medical institutions around the U.S.

Two thought leaders involved in Healthy Minds Across America are Benita … Continue Reading

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