Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare

Photo, Laura Wenger, Executve Director of Practice Greenhealth

Laura Wenger, R.N., as executive director, leverages her experience in nursing, consulting and professional education to address the needs of Practice Greenhealth members and staff. She fosters working partnerships among board, staff and the healthcare community.

Practice Greenhealth’s mission promotes industry, consumer, and patient awareness that healthcare significantly affects energy usage, air and water quality, transportation, food and waste disposal—actually, the elements and by-products of living.

Keep in mind that healthcare—

• Represents the second largest user of energy of any sector; second to agriculture.
• Accounts for 18% of the country’s GDP
• Operates 24/7, which makes the industry a high energy, water, and waste producer
• Generates 8% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions

Practice Greenhealth, in April 2013, hosted its 10th Annual Conference, CleanMed, in Boston. The conference recognized individuals, businesses, and manufacturers for outstanding, measurable green performance.

Awards that actively engage Practice Greenhealth members are the highlights at CleanMed. Members who complete a lengthy and detailed application for an award work throughout the year to qualify and gain recognition. As demonstrations of health thought leadership in Sustainability, Laura elaborates on what the awards represent to the members and communities that receive them.

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CleanMed Awards Program


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