Google Glass Videos Coming Soon to Your Personal Health Record

One of the near-term technologies soon be seen in the doctor’s office is Google Glass, being tested now by the medical community among its earlier adopters. Its present retail cost will make adoption by consumers difficult at present, but as more tech-savvy users experiment and discover applications for Google Glass, its professional and consumer acceptance will grow as the retail price comes down.

Photo and Link to Video about Google Glass

Click on the photo to view a video about Google Glass in the doctor’s office.

Patient compliance is a perennial problem, costing billion of dollars in hospital readmissions, to cite one example. If more patients have a retrievable, visual and audio recording of his or her physician’s instructions in the office or discharge orders from an inpatient stay or emergency room visit, then adherence to a recommended follow-up course of action is greatly improved.

A video recording made using Google Glass, as shown in the video, is securely uploaded a patient’s EHR, then made available to the patient by logging in to his or her Personal Health Record (PHR) to view and listen to the video that recreates the visit.

Dr. Tom Giannulli is an entrepreneur in his own right. He serves as chief medical information officer and member of the leadership team at Kareo, an ambulatory EHR and practice management software developer. Dr. Giannulli has more than 15 years experience in mobile technology and medical software. He was chief medical information officer for Epocrates. Caretools was an entrepreneurial business founded by Dr. Giannulli that developed the first iPhone-based electronic health record. He continues to maintain a primary care practice in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Giannulli is enrolled in Google’s Explorer Club for early adopters who discover new uses and work on apps for Google Glass. In the podcast Dr. Giannulli also gives listeners the inside track on innovative wearable and implantable devices coming to the market sooner than we think possible.

 Google Glass Videos Coming Soon to Your Personal Health Record

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    Moreover, PHRs can benefit clinicians. PHRs offer patients the opportunity to submit their data to their clinicians’ EHRs. This helps clinicians make better treatment decisions by providing more continuous data. If you got more info about PHR, please check

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