Health 2.0 An Accidental Business on the Fast Track

Indu Subaiya, CEO, Health 2.0

Indu Subaiya takes center stage at 2012 Health 2.0 in Boston, MA.

Indu Subaiya, CEO and co-founder with Matthew Holt of Health 2.0 LLC, leads a health innovation events business that has grown into a movement. Health 2.0 was founded in 2007, by accident, with 40+ chapters worldwide, with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with virtual teams working in Portland, OR, Boston, MA, and Paris, France.

The business has, and continues to bring together Indu’s passion for the intersection of digital media, technology, and healthcare to make a difference through the exchange of ideas and interaction with health and technology thought leaders.

Health 2.0 will be conducted in San Francisco, October 7-10, 2012. Its offshoot conference, Spring Fling, features Matchpoint, one of the health industry’s most significant deal-making events, in April or May 2013. Spring Fling has become a preeminent forum that brings together executives from hospitals, insurers, pharmaceuticals, and investors, with 1500 global attendees.

The podcast discusses the genesis of Health 2.0, trends, and emerging, disruptive technologies. The recording  touches on some broad themes: transparency in health costs, consumers tracking their health status with personal devices, access to information that’s changing the physician-patient relationship, and the face-to-face networking and partnerships that result at Matchpoint.

Indu’s eclectic background includes a medical degree from Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine of Cornell University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Her thought leadership is constantly evolving, as she shares ideas with entrepreneurs, executives from major companies, academia, policy experts, physicians, patients and consumers at Health 2.0 events, meetups, and other activities hosted by Health 2.0.


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