Health System Reform: Getting from Here to There

William Streck, MD, CEO, Bassett Healthcare, Cooperstown, NY

Dr. William Streck discusses advantages of the employed-physician model of care.

This is the second of two posts featuring leaders from Bassett Healthcare Network, in Cooperstown, NY. William Streck, MD, CEO, continues the series.

Dr. Streck reflects on incremental steps that physicians and health systems may adopt to manage escalating healthcare costs, of which 30% results in waste. That means $700 billion, the size of the Stimulus package passed by Congress in 2009, does not go towards access and improving quality healthcare delivery for more Americans.

Lessons to be learned include those from health systems that employ physicians. Bassett Healthcare Network, is joined by the Cleveland Clinic, Geisinger Health System, Guthrie Health, Billings Clinic, and others in this regard. A colloquium, sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation, conducted in September 2009, in Washington, DC, brought together several employed-physician model health systems. At the meeting, they shared ideas on how their success at providing high-quality care at reasonable cost can be adapted by prevalent fee-for-service models that reward physicians for prescribing more visits, procedures, and tests.

Some health systems, like Bassett Healthcare Network, gather information to help identify patterns in how physicians utilize resources. One of the keys to turning around healthcare expenditures is to get physicians to use comparative tools, adjusted for locale and population, that will help them make the right decisions and changes in their prescribing behavior. Dr. Streck predicts that with better information physicians will become engaged “in an honest and realistic way in their knowledge in the way they use resources.”

He describes the role that Government, exerted through Medicare, may well play in effecting change throughout the U.S. healthcare system. Whether these measures happen quickly enough to avert the pending crisis remains to be seen.

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