Healthcare Fraud: One Application of Big Data Now

Photo, Harry Jordan, LexisNexis

Harry Jordan of LexisNexis takes listeners into how Big Data is being used to detect healthcare fraud.

The Health division of LexisNexis, a Reed Elsevier company, is using data to detect provider fraud that ends up inflating health costs for each and every one of us, when payers, that is, insurers, employers, and government pay fraudulent claims.

In the podcast interview, Harry estimates that fraud, as distinguished from waste and abuse, eats up 10% of U.S. dollars spent on health care: about $350 billion.

Among the subjects tackled in the interview:

• What is Big Data. Commonly-held myths about Big Data. What it does and cannot do.

• How Big Data solves what appear to be unsolvable problems.

• How Big Data brings together disparate collections of data to pinpoint individuals. The kinds of data that are used.

• A provider-centric approach to uncovering fraud. Examples of providers who engage in fraud.

• Relationships that reveal fraud between providers and patients as collaborators.

And more…

Bio, Harry Jordan, MBA

Healthcare Fraud: Big Data Now

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