Hospital Emergency Departments in Crisis

Dr. Robert Hitchcock conducts a training session with ED staff.

From the front lines, as well as behind-the-scenes, Robert Hitchcock, MD, FACEP, an Emergency Medicine physician at Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Bradenton, FL,  manages complex Emergency Department operations.

In his role as chief medical informatics officer for T-System, Inc. he guides strategies for addressing the critical issues that arise in hospital Emergency Departments. T-System, based in Dallas, TX, develops Emergency Department solutions by turning data into actionable information. T-System has 40% of the nationwide market for its specialized services.

Robert Hitchcock, MD, FACEP, was a Top 3 Reader’s Choice pick for the Department of Health and Human Services Office of National Coordinator in a poll conducted by Modern Healthcare magazine.
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Podcast (33 Minutes), in 2 Chapters
Emergency Departments in Crisis (0-12 Minutes)
The EMR/EHR in the ED (12-33 Minutes)


In the first chapter of the podcast, Dr. Hitchcock discusses the survival of hospital Emergency departments, a place that we, as patients and consumers, take for granted that will be there and efficiently functioning should any of us have to pay an unexpected visit.

The second chapter of the podcast discusses the Electronic Medical/Health Record from the perspective of its use in hospital Emergency departments and envisions its potential to provide seamless information exchange.

Dr. Hitchcock’s perspective complements the importance of the EMR/EHR to transform and improve healthcare quality. Listen to podcasts from the Archives on the right column with Dr. Glenn Laffel (March 2010) and Frances Loshin-Turso (August 2011). Both podcasts have been among the most downloaded.


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  1. Robert Hitchcock, MD said:

    Oct 19, 11 at 10:57 am

    I would like to personally thank the folks at Health Thought Leadership One-to-One for continuing to provide insights from industry leaders that contain thought-provoking and actionable content. I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in this forum.

    Too often, we focus our energies on the overwhelming myriad of tasks that encompass our daily lives. This podcast series provides us the opportunity to reexamine the impact we can have on healthcare delivery through education, leadership and innovative thinking. In this time of unprecedented healthcare IT adoption, it is critical that we take the time to evaluate the impending and longer-term impacts to healthcare.

    This blog also provides us with information we can use to participate as leaders in healthcare, regardless of our daily jobs. Each day, I begin the day by asking, “How can I make a difference to patients today?” In my role as an EHR company executive at T-System, I have the ability to impact care provided to tens of thousands of patients each day and continually seek thought leadership from a wide variety of sources to make that impact as meaningful as possible.

    Together, we can all make a difference.

  2. Podcast: Hospital Emergency Departments in Crisis « The ACUTE CARE Blog: Non-Urban Emergency Medicine said:

    Oct 22, 11 at 6:15 pm

    […] From Health Thought Leadership One-to-One: […]

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