Puerto Rico’s HIMAHEALTH Competes for U.S. Patients

Doris Gilman (right) Interviews (left to right) Armando Rodriguez and Milton Segarra of HIMAHEALTH.

Doris Gilman (right) Interviews (left to right) Armando Rodriguez and Milton Segarra of HIMAHEALTH.

For the inaugural podcast of Healthcare Thought Leadership One-to-One, we’re going to take a closer look at a growing trend, known as medical tourism, where patients and their families travel outside the 50 States for world-class healthcare to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where elective medical procedures are delivered at 50-70% less than those same procedures performed in the 50 States.

Puerto Rico, as a territory of the United States does not require a passport for U.S. citizens and complies with the same federal laws and regulations that apply to medical practice and the delivery of healthcare services in the 50 States.

HIMAHEALTH hospitals are fully accredited by the Joint Commission and staffs its facilities with board-certified, world-class physicians who received their education in the United States.

How do they accomplish the dual goals of practicing world-class medicine and realizing such cost savings? Thought leaders Armando Rodriguez, executive vice president and Milton Segarra, executive director of HIMAHEALTH tell you how it’s done in Puerto Rico, with a style that’s unique to this well-established travel destination. They’ll tell you more about their backgrounds and points-of-view in the podcast. While Armando seemed fated at birth to become a healthcare administrator, Milton brings the business of hospitality, tourism, government, and pharmaceuticals to healthcare services.

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