Dr. Cindy Haines: How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System

Photo, Dr. Cindy Haines

Dr. Cindy Haines gives consumers and patients practical advice on navigating the precarious waters of the U.S. healthcare system.

Cindy Haines, MD, is a family physician who serves on the faculty of St. Louis University School of Medicine, medical journalist, and chief medical officer of HealthDay, an award-winning consumer and professional news service.

This podcast takes its title, How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System, from the recently published book authored by Dr. Cindy Haines. Eric Metcalf, MPH, and medical journalist co-authored the book.

Their book is written in lay language to help consumers and patients realize the power they have in taking control of their health through prevention and early intervention; forming a relationship with their primary care physicians, and making smart and realistic treatment choices. What Dr. Haines advocates as The New Prescription, in the long run will help save our health system billions of dollars in the aggregate.

Podcast (15 Minutes) How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System
[podcast]http://seen-heard.com/blog/audio/BrokenSystem.mp3[/podcast]The New Prescription: How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System Book Cover

3 Responses to “Dr. Cindy Haines: How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System”

  1. Dr. Cindy Haines said:

    May 24, 11 at 8:04 am

    It’s a great time to need medical care. Doctors can offer an endless array of medications, surgeries, and tests that would have been hard to imagine even a decade ago. But there’s a catch. The cost of this care is skyrocketing, and treatments are growing out of reach for many of us. What’s more: The money that you can save on health care could go toward your many other household needs – or just other things you’d rather be spending your money on.

    Other countries show us that more medical care doesn’t mean better health. Join me as I reveal some of the most egregious problems with a medical system gone awry, showing you how to better navigate the system and the upcoming changes. I offer you cost-effective and potentially life-saving ways to get more out of health care while using less of it.

  2. Ross Matsubara said:

    May 24, 11 at 10:05 am

    Great interview with Dr. Cindy Haines! Her new book, The New Prescription: How to Get the Best Health Care in a Broken System was a great read and fantastic resource for anyone who wants to garner the best benefits from the nation’s healthcare system. Highly recommended.

  3. amy B said:

    Sep 20, 11 at 6:18 pm

    Hi Doris
    thanks for the podcast how to get the best health care in a broken system.(Its amy,, Joe motz;s niece. It would be great if more physicians thought like cindy. Unfortunatley cost of running a business whether it be private practice or group practice are extremely high as rents do not get lower/ malpractice gets higher/costs of just keeping the office “up and running” increase(cable/phone/staff/insurance/supplies etc etc etc) yet reimbursements to physicians are decreasing… Being in the healthcare industry myself ( sales) I interact with many residents and hear the “Whys” of which specialty they are or are not choosing .To live in NY whether it be NYC /Long Island/Westchester/ costs money.. Primary care should be paid alot more and unfortunately if Obama would incentivise Primary care then more residents may consider going that way .Sometimes it is about “the money” and going into medicine to help people yet also help feed your own family!!
    Thanks for the email/podcasts

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