Independence for People with Disabilities

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Kel Smith provides thought leadership on accessibilities to the Havas Worldwide Health network.

Kel Smith on Team Building: I align myself with people who share my moral compass.

A fact that gives pause—Americans with disabilities number around 54 million. It’s estimated they have $175 million in discretionary income to spend on services, devices, software and other products that will make their lives easier. These are technologies and tools that help people with disabilities access the same level of information and services that non-disabled individuals enjoy.

Kel’s projects apply digital and other technologies to assist those with disabilities and rehabilitation challenges achieve a greater measure of independence in their lives. His practice addresses a broad spectrum of disabilities: low vision, blindness, autism, degenerative illnesses, behavioral disorders, cognitive difficulty and hearing impairments. Assisting individuals with disabilities may take the form, or a combination of tablet devices, gaming consoles, interfaces that are sensitive to touch, virtual prosthetics, adaptive therapies, text-to-speech functionality and virtual reality.

Havas Worldwide Health recognizes commercial opportunities for businesses developing products to serve this market, as well as fulfilling a humanitarian mission through the work of Kel and his team.

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Podcast (11 Minutes) Working Towards Independence for People with Disabilities

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  1. Kel Smith said:

    Jun 28, 11 at 7:14 am

    Thanks much for helping us evangelize the value of inclusive design! I should emphasize that the true accessibility experts are those who rely on assistive products & systems every day to work, learn, socialize, share and grow. Our team is comprised of passionate explorers, people with deep empathy who welcome the responsibility of architecting the future for disenfranchised populations.

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