Information Technology on an Equal Footing for Health and Social Services

Frances Loshin-Turso, co-founder and CEO of Defran Systems, Inc., New York, NY, since 1984, fulfills her vision of providing health and social service organizations, run by not-for-profit organizations and government agencies, with the same state-of-the-art software technology that one finds in the private sector.


Frances Loshin-Turso, CEO, Defran Systems, Inc., New York, NY

Fran demonstrates a software enhancement to her staff.

Fran oversees a rapidly expanding, nationwide business that serves the specialized needs of this niche market, characterized by perennially tight budgets, further slashed by this challenged economy.

Fran leverages her formative background as a software engineer in the banking, insurance, and securities industry. In the podcast, Fran describes her role as CEO who manages many simultaneously moving parts as Defran grows. Fran focuses on providing the leadership that builds the business, yet maintains a level of client and employee intimacy.

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Podcast (12 Minutes)
Information Technology for Health and Social Service Not-for-Profits