Making the Connection Between Thought Leadership and Policy

Maya Rockeymoore, PhD

Maya Rockeymoore, PhD

Thought leadership not only plays a role in business. It’s a key part of policy strategy and tactics that can inspire the public and policy makers to action, fulfilling a vision, in this case, of obesity prevention and wellness.

Maya Rockeymoore, PhD, president and CEO of Global Policy Solutions, based in Washington, DC, shares insights on how ideas, information, and strategy—the thought leadership of advocates and early adopters—is contributing to an important public health initiative to prevent obesity and its related chronic diseases. First Lady Michelle Obama recently announced her personal involvement heading a nationwide program to reverse the obesity epidemic among children.

Dr. Rockeymoore discusses the Healthy Communities Initiative, a national program with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Akin to the anti-smoking campaign started in the 1960’s, she lays out a Big Picture campaign, a decades-long strategy mobilizing elected officials, administrators, the press, and grassroots advocates at U.S., state, and local levels towards improving the quality of life for millions of Americans through the prevention of obesity. Thought leadership is the currency that propels this important public health issue that will transform the American infrastructure and make everyday changes to individuals’ attitudes and behavior.

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Podcast (19 Minutes) Making the Connection Between Thought Leadership and Policy


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