Mobile Health Communications Unleashed

With widespread adoption of handheld devices, such as the iPad®, iPhone® and Smartphones by consumers and physicians, Rob Dhoble closes the gap between information technology and achieving engagement between health professionals and patients to deliver measurable, improved outcomes. Rob is president of Omnicom’s Diversified Agency Services Health group.

Rob logs on to view his invention on a laptop, but he can also use a Smartphone or other handheld device with Internet access.

He bridges the divide with his patent pending mobile solution that integrates the input of several alliance partners. The result: a sleek, video on-demand patient and physician education engagement tool on the small screen that leverages precious medical and clinical talent and resources when there’s a growing demand for more personalized provider-patient communication and guidance.

View two PDF slides (courtesy of DAS/Omnicom Group) before listening to the podcast that list the problems that Rob’s invention is designed to solve.

Bio, Rob Dhoble

Podcast (15:47 Minutes)
Mobile Health Communications Unleashed

Mobile Health Communications on the iPad®

iPad® screen displays health topics that can be explored in depth using video to engage viewers.

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