Observations in Eye Care: Thriving in the Age of Stimulus

Five years into the Federal Stimulus that encouraged adoption of electronic health records by physicians and health professionals, the technology has come into its own. HTL covered the EHR in early 2010, in Reform Under the Radar, with Glenn Laffel, MD, #7 in our all-time podcast rankings, with more than 3700 downloads through 2013.

Now we look at an EHR for Eye Care practitioners, optometrists and opticians, with Eyefinity president, Steve Baker. The software developer, a VSP Global company, is located in Rancho Cordova, CA. The Eyefinity EHR, although specialized, ranks 13th in adoption among all types of EHRs by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Steve oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, including business growth, strategic planning, and product development. He’s been with Eyefinity for more than a decade and has seen it grow to 40% market share in its niche. Although he presides over software development and services for Eye Care professionals and their patients, Steve’s observations about Meaningful Use, patient/consumer engagement, and innovation describe healthcare evolution in the Age of Stimulus, underway now, and into the future.

Steve Baker is in demand at conferences for optometry and opticians.

Steve Baker is a speaker in demand at conferences for optometrists and opticians.

To preview the podcast, Steve shares his thoughts on:

• All-important patient engagement

• Optometrists and opticians whose businesses will thrive in the Age of Stimulus

• Healthcare delivery as a neighborhood issue

• The Eye Care EHR’s relationship to primary care and a patient’s general health and well-being

• The next Big Things in Eye Care

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Observations in Eye Care

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