Rethinking the Gene Patent Article

One of the most popular podcasts in the Health Thought Leadership series, here is the link to Alan Morrison’s article as a PDF, Rethinking the Gene Patent, published in the Biotechnology Law Report. The article accompanies the November 2010 post and podcast on the Myriad decision rendered by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Read why Alan reasons that “the court did not properly apply existing law. Instead it relied on what appears to be a new and problematic doctrine excluding isolated DNA from the realm of … Continue Reading

Rethinking the Gene Patent

In March 2010, Pandora’s box was opened when a federal District Court judge invalidated patent claims of Myriad Genetics, Inc., directed to two isolated human genes associated with breast cancer. These genes are used in genetic tests that Myriad has on the market for breast cancer. The tests cost over $3000 each. Their cost is not universally reimbursed. Therefore, the tests are not accessible to many women as a diagnostic tool. Without a license, other companies cannot develop an alternative, competitive test to provide a second opinion.

The controversy brings to a head many legal, ethical, and policy issues, … Continue Reading

Predictive Medicine: Coming Soon to a Doctor Near You

Brandon Colby, MD, CEO, Existence Genetics

Dr. Brandon Colby has transitioned to CEO of Existence Genetics, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Brandon Colby, MD, is a world leader in the field of Predictive Medicine, a new and groundbreaking medical specialty that combines genetic testing with personalized prevention based upon your genetic makeup.

In 2010, he published his book, Outsmart Your Genes, as one way to popularize Predictive Medicine among physicians, patients, and consumers. The book grows out of Dr. Colby’s passion for advancing Predictive Medicine, since he knows … Continue Reading

Practicing Customer Centricity

While it’s been around awhile, Customer Centricity remains by and large a theory, certainly for established businesses that would have to turn themselves and their cultures inside out to achieve it.

Becky Chidester is president of Wunderman World Health

Becky Chidester explains the importance of health businesses becoming more customer-centric.

As a thought leader in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), Becky Chidester, president of Wunderman World Health is uniquely qualified to speak about the practice, not just the theory behind Customer Centricity.

Wunderman is in the business of practicing what … Continue Reading

Design Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

“We have a pledge to our clients: Thought Leadership, Creative Design Solutions and Painfree Project Management. It’s indoctrinated in to all our people. These are three simple sound bites our employees can relate to and remember. That’s what we’re promising to our clients. If we fail to do that, then we’re not going to bring about that customer experience that we want for our client.”

Phil Murphy, President, GNU Group, Lafayette, CA

Phil Murphy talks design and Wayfinding in health facilities.

Phil Murphy, president and CEO … Continue Reading

The Art and Science of Becoming #1

Martin Forbes, vice president of US Sales is on a mission: to make BioImagene, Sunnyvale, CA, Number One in a new industry: Digital Pathology Diagnostics Solutions. This nascent health industry segment will play an central role as the practice of personalized medicine increasingly becomes the standard of care.

Martin Forbes in action with his sales team at Bioimagene.

Martin Forbes in action with his sales team at Bioimagene.

First, different medical disciplines have to come together, namely, Radiology, Pathology, and Oncology. Then, to sell a new concept to … Continue Reading

Sustaining Thought Leadership

Mike Critelli, retired chairman and CEO of Pitney Bowes.

Mike Critelli, who retired in 2007 as executive chairman and CEO of Pitney Bowes, Stamford, CT, is more active than ever.

In this podcast, he shares his special brand of thought leadership, which continues by taking the road less traveled. This has been a recurring theme throughout Mike’s career, which included roles as head of Human Resources and General Counsel at Pitney Bowes. As you listen to the podcast, thought leadership can be a lifelong endeavor.

Read more … Continue Reading

Communicating Breakthrough Science to Consumers

Benita Shobe

The National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, that recently adopted the business name NARSAD, as The World’s Leading Charity Dedicated to Mental Health Research,” has organized the Healthy Minds Across America national campaign to reinforce May as Mental Health Awareness month. Healthy Minds brings the latest scientific developments to the attention of consumers, patients, families, and physicians in a series of publicly accessible forums, in partnership with than 40 medical institutions around the U.S.

Two thought leaders involved in Healthy Minds Across America are Benita … Continue Reading

The Group Employed Model as a Foundation for Health Care Delivery Reform

Abstract from the Issue Brief published by The Commonwealth Fund, April 2010

With a focus on delivering low-cost, high-quality care, several organizations using the group employed model (GEM)—with physician groups whose primary and specialty care physicians are salaried or under contract—have been recognized for creating a culture of patient-centeredness and accountability, even in a toxic fee-for-service environment. The elements that leaders of such organizations identify as key to their success are physician leadership that promotes trust in the organization, integration that promotes teamwork and coordination, governance and … Continue Reading

Affording the Future Mix of Medication Therapies

With some biologic medications costing $100,000 or more annually, to treat a patient with a serious chronic illness, how will payers and patients afford the accelerating shift towards biologics?

Rising Expenditures for Biologic Medications

Dramatic increases ahead for spending on biologics.

Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD, noted consultant, author, and executive director of the Biologic Finance & Access Council Program at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Population Health discusses how payers’ benefit design strategies may help more patients afford costly biologics and specialty medication therapies for chronic … Continue Reading

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