Partnering with Clients to Do More with Less

Photo, Jay Deady, President and CEO, Awarepoint, Inc.

Jay Deady

Jay Deady, President and CEO of San Diego-based Awarepoint, Inc., leverages his 22-year career that spans senior leadership positions at Eclipsys, which now is part of Allscripts, McKesson, and Cerner. Awarepoint’s employees and the employees of its hospital clients work together to achieve accountability and return on investment for their efforts using a Real-Time Locating System.

Picture all the second-by-second movement of equipment, physicians, health professionals, attendants, and patients in a busy hospital’s routine. Savings in time does save lives, contributing towards patient confidence in the hospital and satisfaction with the services they receive there.

Awarepoint automatically tracks these movements using technology installed throughout a facility that doesn’t interrupt workflow in the hospital setting.

It’s done through proprietary hardware, software, and a compensation agreement that makes Awarepoint a partner rather than a vendor with its hospital clients. Awarepoint adds value by providing actionable data to its hospital clients. The data becomes available to the hospital’s leadership and administrators to continually improve quality and efficiency. In turn, Awarepoint uses the data to be accountable, to prove its contributions towards achieving better quality and efficiency.

Only 15% of hospitals use a Real-Time Locating System. It would seem that adopting a RTL System, such as that offered by Awarepoint is a “no-brainer,” since it does not require a hospital to lay out dollars from day one. Along with its business arrangement based on return on investment, that leaves plenty of room for Awarepoint to grow, from $8.5 million in revenue in 2010 to a projected $35-38 million in 2012.

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