Practicing Customer Centricity

While it’s been around awhile, Customer Centricity remains by and large a theory, certainly for established businesses that would have to turn themselves and their cultures inside out to achieve it.

Becky Chidester is president of Wunderman World Health

Becky Chidester explains the importance of health businesses becoming more customer-centric.

As a thought leader in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), Becky Chidester, president of Wunderman World Health is uniquely qualified to speak about the practice, not just the theory behind Customer Centricity.

Wunderman is in the business of practicing what it preaches to its clients through its Listening Platform that Becky has championed in her leadership roles at Wunderman. In fact, Becky has returned from a listening tour with corporate health leaders throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to exchange ideas with her on how their businesses can become more customer centric.

In the podcast, Becky defines Customer Centricity; describes how the Listening Platform uncovers customer insights; the role that collaboration, partnerships, and alliances across disciplines will play; how established businesses can adapt, and the value that Customer Centricity adds to the bottom line.

Bio, Becky Chidester

Practicing Customer Centricity (13:14 Min.)