Relentless Communication in Organizational Change

Wayne Sensor, formerly CEO of Alegent Health, that serves the region around Omaha, Nebraska, shares lessons learned when instituting organizational change. The scale of change we discuss in the podcast is transforming a fee-for-service health system to an employed-physician model. I can think of few greater challenges a health system CEO and his leadership team will face.

Photo, Wayne Sensor

Wayne Sensor, formerly CEO of Alegent Health

Wayne presided over a health system cited by The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement as the #1 health system in the United States for its clinical quality and patient satisfaction by, just ahead of the Mayo Clinic. Alegent Health is a not-for-profit health system with over 9,000 employees, 1300 physicians, with five metropolitan medical centers, four rural hospitals, and 42 primary care clinics with 200 physicians in Nebraska and Iowa.

Wayne’s Messaging To-Do List includes five elements—applicable to all size organizations:

1) Connecting the dots
2) Making the change relevant to individuals
3) Demonstrating urgency, “The Burning Platform”
4) Flooding the channels
5) Communicating at a micro-level with physicians

Bio, Wayne Sensor

Relentless Communication in Organizational Change (19:34 Minutes)

Bonus Feature
Health and Life Sciences Industry Compass 2.0 Map
Institute for the Future’s Health Horizons program and Deloitte LLP’s Health Sciences & Government practice have collaborated to produce Industry Compass 2.0. Wayne references the map in the podcast, a navigation tool designed to help organizations make better decisions today while strategically preparing for the life sciences and health care world of tomorrow.

Industry Compass 2.0 goes beyond traditional stakeholders and boundaries in the health care industry to examine dynamic zones of impact including people, networks, markets, practices, and tools. The map does not make predictions about what the future will hold. Rather, it is intended to help make sense of the complex transformations we see on the horizon across six forces driving change. While these drivers signal signifi cant changes, there will be challenges to overcome. Industry Compass 2.0 presents these potential constraints as hurdles that need to be considered. Taken together, the elements of this map provide a visual guide to an uncertain future.

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