Sustaining Thought Leadership

Mike Critelli, retired chairman and CEO of Pitney Bowes.

Mike Critelli, who retired in 2007 as executive chairman and CEO of Pitney Bowes, Stamford, CT, is more active than ever.

In this podcast, he shares his special brand of thought leadership, which continues by taking the road less traveled. This has been a recurring theme throughout Mike’s career, which included roles as head of Human Resources and General Counsel at Pitney Bowes. As you listen to the podcast, thought leadership can be a lifelong endeavor.

Read more about the twists and turns in Mike Critelli’s career by going to his Open Mike blog. One of Mike’s many accomplishments during his long tenure at Pitney Bowes was the strategic pursuit of health, wellness, and prevention for Pitney Bowes’ employees.

In Randy Vogenberg’s April 2010 podcast, he alluded to Pitney Bowes as a Fortune 500 employer that has lead the way on health and wellness initiatives with employees—long before such initiatives have been adopted by employers large and small.

Mike now is active on a variety of business and community activities that sustain his thought leadership and make him sought after as a corporate board member, speaker, advisor, and advocate.

And, if you read Why I Blog on Open Mike, you’ll read more evidence of someone who’s out of sync with conventional thinking, in his interests, and in his route to success.

Podcast: Sustaining Thought Leadership (17 Minutes)

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