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Physicians’ Aggregated Data Gives a More Complete Picture

Photo, Keith Brown, WhiteCloud Analytics

Keith Brown leverages his software development background to help physicians make informed clinical decisions when they practice medicine.

It’s now possible to aggregate data from individual physicians, EMRs/EHRs, claims, and third-party sources, including proprietary and government databases. With a few clicks, it’s fast and easy for a provider, in any setting, to access and evaluate his or her professional performance. Aggregated data can be compared with peers, encouraging collaboration among physicians in a practice or hospital.

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Analytics Matter for Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

Big Data fuels analytics being adopted by Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and some hospitals. While still in its early stages, analytics are changing the workflow: how the care delivery team within a system interacts with and interprets data at every point of patient care, from admission, tests, procedures, discharge, on to, perhaps, rehab and long-term care. Expectations are for a generation of new analytic tools leading to better outcomes, at lower cost—the rallying cry of payers these days.

Photo, John Stanley

John Stanley in a principal at Impact Advisors.

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Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare

Photo, Laura Wenger, Executve Director of Practice Greenhealth

Laura Wenger, R.N., as executive director, leverages her experience in nursing, consulting and professional education to address the needs of Practice Greenhealth members and staff. She fosters working partnerships among board, staff and the healthcare community.

Practice Greenhealth’s mission promotes industry, consumer, and patient awareness that healthcare significantly affects energy usage, air and water quality, transportation, food and waste disposal—actually, the elements and by-products of living.

Keep in mind that healthcare—

• Represents the second largest user of energy of … Continue Reading

Partnering with Clients to Do More with Less

Photo, Jay Deady, President and CEO, Awarepoint, Inc.

Jay Deady

Jay Deady, President and CEO of San Diego-based Awarepoint, Inc., leverages his 22-year career that spans senior leadership positions at Eclipsys, which now is part of Allscripts, McKesson, and Cerner. Awarepoint’s employees and the employees of its hospital clients work together to achieve accountability and return on investment for their efforts using a Real-Time Locating System.

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Hospital Emergency Departments in Crisis

Dr. Robert Hitchcock conducts a training session with ED staff.
From the front lines, as well as behind-the-scenes, Robert Hitchcock, MD, FACEP, an Emergency Medicine physician at Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Bradenton, FL,  manages complex Emergency Department operations.

In his role as chief medical informatics officer for T-System, Inc. he guides strategies for addressing the critical issues that arise in hospital Emergency Departments. T-System, based in Dallas, TX, develops Emergency Department solutions by turning data into … Continue Reading

Design Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

“We have a pledge to our clients: Thought Leadership, Creative Design Solutions and Painfree Project Management. It’s indoctrinated in to all our people. These are three simple sound bites our employees can relate to and remember. That’s what we’re promising to our clients. If we fail to do that, then we’re not going to bring about that customer experience that we want for our client.”

Phil Murphy, President, GNU Group, Lafayette, CA

Phil Murphy talks design and Wayfinding in health facilities.

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