Technology Levels the Playing Field for Independent Physicians

Photo, John Squire, Presdient and COO, Amazing Charts EHR

John Squire leads a brainstorming session on how Amazing Charts’ EHR can bring prescriptive CME courses as a value-added service to its physician-users.

In addition to the EHR, technology measures are afoot that streamline practice management and better serve patient needs, allowing physicians to choose how to make a living in a profession that they see more as a calling than as a job.

John Squire, the president and chief operating officer of Amazing Charts, an ambulatory EHR software developer discusses how physicians in small practices are using technology to their advantage.

The podcast is broken into two parts. Part 1 describes the technologies small practices are using to improve their clinical services and bottom lines. He goes into more detail on each area:

• Productivity
• Regulatory
• Financial and Reimbursement
• Team-Based Care
• Patient Engagement

In the second part, John talks about accredited continuing medical education (CME) provider Pri-Med’s acquisition of Amazing Charts, that adds unique value to Amazing Chart’s EHR, by suggesting prescriptive Continuing Medical Education (CME) for its physician-users. Courses for CME credit can be taken online or in person, tailored to how an individual physician practices medicine and the mix of medical conditions the practice commonly treats among its patient base. It also provides the physician with feedback on how other physicians compare when treating the same medical condition.

The pilot program now available through its EHR covers diabetes. CME offerings for other prevalent medical conditions are in development.

Technology, Podcast Part 1. 0-9:37 Minutes
Prescriptive CME, Podcast Part 2. 9:37-19:40 Minutes

Technology Levels the Playing Field for Independent Physicians

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