The Art and Science of Becoming #1

Martin Forbes, vice president of US Sales is on a mission: to make BioImagene, Sunnyvale, CA, Number One in a new industry: Digital Pathology Diagnostics Solutions. This nascent health industry segment will play an central role as the practice of personalized medicine increasingly becomes the standard of care.

Martin Forbes in action with his sales team at Bioimagene.

Martin Forbes in action with his sales team at Bioimagene.

First, different medical disciplines have to come together, namely, Radiology, Pathology, and Oncology. Then, to sell a new concept to laboratories, BioImagene’s customers in the U.S. and abroad, there’s not only an Art, but a Science used to gauge the marketplace and pinpoint early adopters in order to maximize a limited consultative sales force.

I asked Martin what thought leadership means to becoming Number One. His reply:

“Thought leadership is the driving force behind our success. We need to think hard. We have to think broad. What are the key clinical applications we should focus on to make our customers successful in what they do? Success for our customers is improving the standard of care, making the quality go up, making the costs go down. if we can bear those in mind, then thought leadership is what we use to make sure we move in those directions.”

Podcast: The Art and Science of Becoming #1 (17:26 Minutes)


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